The Story of Bhagavat Premi Nrsimha Mehta

Topic: O Gopinath! – The Story of Bhagavat Premi Nrsimha Mehta
Speaker: Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
Date: 13 March 1995
Location: ISKCON Temple, Gadeigiri, Orissa, India

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  1. Murali Krsna Swami August 29, 2012 at 4:22 am #

    “Mercy means loving seva rendered without duplicity!”

    Srila Gurudeva has given us such a sweet and wonderful and practical story here; teaching us and reminding us of the mood and mentality of a completely surrendered pure devotee of Krsna. Thank you very much for posting this wonderful and instructive class given by our dea Srila Gurudeva! …May we aspire for such complete surrender and faith with utter and complete dependence on Krsna…..

    Srila Gurudeva taught that in order to place such faith or to receive such faith from Sadhu, Guru and Krsna, only simplicity and sincerity is required. Otherwise, one can never place such faith or develop this real, unflinching faith; as shown in this wonderful lila of Bhagavat Premi Nrsimha Mehta.

    Simplicity brings faith, brings surrender, and leads one to do loving seva, for the pleasure of Guru and Krsna. Srila Gurudeva said in this lecture that our seva or service must be done, without duplicity. That quality of seva is required for us to get mercy and faith.

    If we perform our service in that way, then Gurudeva mentioned, “One then deserves mercy!…otherwise one will never get Gurudeva’s and Krsna’s mercy.”….Srila Gurudeva hands down the rope into the deep dark well of our material ignorance and and suffering and says, “Catch hold of that rope (the instructions of Gurudeva), and let there be no slackness there in that effort. Then one can get out!…otherwise not!”

    Then Gurudeva asks us, “If you don’t catch hold of that rope very tightly, with no slackness there, then how will you get Guru and Krsna’s mercy?… How will you get out of this deep dark well of material existence? There is No other way!”

    Srila Gurudeva has mercifully created, Guru samsar, or Krsna’s samsara. He has given us the chance, the opportunity to take shelter, receive protection and his mercy by rendering loving service, without duplicity. With this very powerful mercy from Gurudeva and Krsna, one can then get out of this horrible material condition and ultimately get Krsna. Go to Krsna.

    I remember hearing in bbsr, Srila Gurudeva said on several occasions that, “If you walk out of this front gate, giving up Krsna’s samsar, which was created by Gurudeva, maya will imediately catch you up and grab hold of your shoulder!”…..

    Our only fear or apprehension should be to never leave Guru’s samsar or family, because that is a very very dark and scary place, that is ripe for receiving the heavy lashes of mayadevi herself….

    Srila Gurudeva always asks us, “Do you want to be a servant of Maya or do you want to be a servant (and family member) of Guru and Krsna?”

    How we each individually answer that question, deep within ourselves, will bring startling and imediately, and drastically different results……. Let us become really fortunate and pray that we may make the right choices inour life again and again!

    Hare Krsna! Thank you everybody.

    Your servant,

    MK Swami

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