The Holy Name is Everything

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The Holy Name is Everything

A lecture on Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila 5.29
by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja,
recorded on July 18th, 1992. Bhaktivedanta Manor, England.

One Response to The Holy Name is Everything

  1. abhaya carana seva das November 23, 2013 at 11:10 pm #

    pamho agtACBSP,KESAVA MASA KI JAI,thank you for posting this wonderful class by a maha bhagavata devotee of SRI SRI GURU GAURANGA by giving the chance to everyone to develop that hidden krsna prema within the holy name, I agreed the holy name is everything SRILA HARIDASA THAKUR also said that a glimpse of suddha nama can awarded us that sudurlabhah krsna prema through loulyam kalatvam spiritual greediness in getting prem puman artho Mahan which is the goal of life to achieve for all the sadhana siddhi,actually the holy name is the only supreme spiritual weapon in kali yuga to kill all the demons who are against HDG SRILA GAURA GOVINDA MAHARAJ like the American prabhupadanugas who are going straight away to the hell for criticize a such exalted vaisnava from birth while they born in meleccha family I already told them that and they answer me that they do that to defend SRILA PRABHUPADA by they don’t know that SRILA PRABHUPADA was considered SGGM a pure devotee therefore what they said is just rubbish,i met HIM for the first time in north Italy I used to be devotee full time at that time was the year 1985 i was very attracted by HIS good qualities and after that I had a mystic dream of HDG SGGM HE was very bright not an ordinary person. HE was the personification of the book maha bhagavata by knowing all the sastra by smrti, at the end of HIS transcendental journey in bhumi loka HE was completely stolen by krsna prema a long queue of cars full of devotees was following HIM from SRI RADHA KRSNA temple in soho street London around all Europe to spread that very rare krsna prema that HE got since HIS childhood. I was there also to get some drops of that nectar coming from HIS lotus mouth,SRILA GAURA GOVINDA MAHARAJ KI JAI, ys haribol

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