Gurudeva – France – 1986

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France – 1986

Another wonderful video of Gurudeva has become available to the public.  The video was recorded in Maisons-Alfort,  France, on July 18, 1986.  The translation into French is done by Gurudeva’s dear Godbrother and siksa disciple Sripad Jayanta-krit prabhu, now known as Sripad BV Suddhadwaiti Maharaja.

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  1. Yajnesh Das March 27, 2014 at 4:55 am #

    So happy to see this video. I was talking about it a few days ago with Annupama devi dasi.
    We were both wondering if that video would reappear one day. We came to know and we actually met Gurudeva in Maisons Alfort that very day. I was sad all these years because I thought this video had been lost ….This is so wonderful

    I am already downloading it and I feel so happy that Gurudeva , by his great mercy, made it available after all this time…

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