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In the Association of Pure Devotees

In the Association of Pure Devotees In the Association of Pure Devotees, a new book from Tattva Vicara Publications is now available as a free down load. The book is 320 pages from cover to cover. As the title explains, it is on the subject of the glories of the association of pure devotees. Some […]

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Suddha-Nama Bhajana – Reprinted by Popular Demand!

Suddha-Nama Bhajana Reprinted by Popular Demand! The publication Suddha-Nama Bhajan, by our beloved Gurudeva, Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja has been reprinted by popular demand and is now available for sale in India. Suddha-Nama Bhajan, a must read for aspiring Vaisnavas, takes the reader through the three stages of chanting. The first chapter nama-aparadha […]

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The Appearance Day of Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva

The Only Prayer that Everyone Should Offer yadi dāsyasi me kāmān varāṁs tvaṁ varadarṣabha kāmānāṁ hṛdy asaṁrohaṁ bhavatas tu vṛṇe varam     “O my Lord, best of the givers of benediction, if You at all want to bestow a desirable benediction upon me, then I pray from Your Lordship that within the core of […]

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Śrī Rāma-Navamī

Śrī Rāma-Navamī Today is Śrī Rāma-navamī, the appearance day of Lord Rāmacandra, who appeared in the Raghu dynasty. Lord Rāmacandra was the Personality of Godhead; He exhibited superhuman activities, which no human being, including the materially advanced Rāvaṇa, could perform. Lord Rāmacandra prepared a royal road on the Indian Ocean with stones that floated on […]

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The Garland of Prema-Nāma

The Garland of Prema-Nāma “Prema-bhakti is the essence of bhakti. If we prepare a garland of flowers, one thread is required and it is woven together. Similarly, when the question of nāma-prema-mālā comes, what is the thread of that garland? That thread is prema. The mālā is woven together with the thread of prema. It […]

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