(from The Embankment of Separation; Gopal Jiu Publications, reg. Netherlands)

Can you put a flute on Gaura? Although He is Krsna, you cannot put a flute on Gaura. Similarly, how can you put a peacock feather on He who is crying for Krsna, like Radharani? His mood will be disturbed.

Although He is Krsna, Gaura’s mood is different. Therefore Srila Prabhupada has said, “Don’t disturb the mood of Gaura.

It is very painful to Him. Our service is meant to give Him pleasure, not pain. We are servants and we must render service to please Him, not for our own pleasure. If we say, “O Gaura, a peacock feather is on Your head. You are Krsna,” then how can he cry? “Oh, I am Krsna? I cannot cry now.

But Mahaprabhu is crying, “Where is Krsna, kva nanda-kula-candramah? Kva sikhi-candra-kalankritih, where is Krsna on whose crest is a peacock feather? Where is that Krsna, indranilamani, whose complexion is blue like an indranila jewel? Rasa-rasatandavi, who dances in that rasa dance, where is that Krsna? O sakhi please tell Me where He is…”

So Mahaprabhu is always crying, rorudhya mana. He is Krsna Himself but feeling the pangs of separation from Krsna because He is in radha-bhava. Radha-bhava is predominating; that is vipralambha bhava.