Evening Darshan with His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami BBSR 28 March 1994


Devotee: Gurudeva, Krishna in Vrindavan is in his original form. Is Radharani beside him?

Srila Gurudeva: Yes, always. He is always with Radharani, always, always with Radharani. I had thought of telling that thing in my speech during this class, but I forgot.

One day there was a quarrel between Suka, a (male) parrot, and Sari, another bird, a black one. This is mentioned in Govinda Lilamrita.

Suka is on Krishna’s side. Sari (female parrot) is on Radha’s side. They were quarrelling. Suka, the parrot was glorifying Krishna, and Sari, the black one was glorifying Radha.

Suka, parrot said, “Krishna, Oh he is parameshvara, madhurya tanaya, he has such excellent beauty. He is parameshvara, supreme ishvara. He is the Supreme Lord, completely full with all opulences, and he is madana-mohana, who enchants Madan, Cupid.”

Then Sari, the black parrot said, “Oh, my Radha is more than that. She is madana-mohana-mohini, who enchants the mind of your madana-mohana. Your Krishna may be madana-mohana, but my Radha is madana-mohana-mohini, who enchants the mind of Krishna. Unless Radha is with him, your madana-mohana will be madana-mohita. Unless Radha is there with him then your madana-mohana will be enchanted by Cupid.” Understand? He will be enchanted by Cupid.” This is very nice.

“And also, Krishna once said, ‘Radha is a prema guru. She is My guru in loving affairs. Ami-sisya nata, I am her sisya, I am her disciple, pupil. She makes Me dance according to Her sweet will.’ And how He is begging, dehi-pada-pallavam udaram, ‘Please Radharani, put Your lotus feet on My head.’ So who is greater? Radha is greater.”

Sari said like that. Sari came out victorious in the quarrel, and Suka was defeated. Therefore Krishna’s side was defeated. Radha’s side was victorious.

So He is always with Radha. It is said: krsna mate de mora paka tare madhye radha nama thi lekha, Krishna puts a peacock feather on His crest. Within that peacock feather radha-nama ti lekha, Radha’s name is written. It is there on Krishna’s head. Therefore Krishna says, “Put your lotus feet on My head, O Radha,” dehi-pada-pallavam udaram, mama çrirasi mandanam. Jayadeva Goswami wrote like that. So who is greater? Radha.

Devotee: Krishna’s parrot is black?

Srila Gurudeva: No. Krishna’s parrot is blue, but Sari is black — Suka is blue, Sari is black. Suka and Sari, two birds quarrelling.