In the Association of Pure Devotees

In the Association of Pure Devotees, a new book from Tattva Vicara Publications is now available as a free down load. The book is 320 pages from cover to cover. As the title explains, it is on the subject of the glories of the association of pure devotees. Some of the topics covered in this publication are:


  1. Krsnakrpasrimurti.
  2. Svarupasaktipustaparikara.
  3. Gurusamsara – Krsnasamsara.
  4. Bhagavatsangisangasya.
  5. Premaruruksu.
  6. The Brahmana from Sri Rangam.
  7. The Acarya from Sri Rangam.
  8. The symptoms of a mahabhagavata.
  9. The deity maker – Professor Bipra Charan Mohanty.
  10. The four anarthas.
  11. The four categories within each type of anartha.
  12. The power of sadhuguru’s mercy.
  13. Taking shelter of a gaurapriyajana.
  14. Association of mahabhagavatas.
  15. The book bhagavata & the person bhagavata.
  16. The glories of Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja.