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Lord Balarāma 

The Original Bhakta-Avatāra

Evening lecture delivered by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
21st August, 1994 in Barcelona, Spain

Today is a most auspicious day, the day that Lord Balarāma appeared. This morning we already discussed something about Lord Balarāma however I did not finish, there is something more I would like to speak on Balarāma.

First we will offer praṇāma to Balarāma. I will utter this mantra, and I request one and all to repeat it:

nāmas te halāgraha nāmas te muṣalāyudha
nāmas te revatī-kānta nāmas te bhakta-vatsala
nāmas te balanāṁ śreṣṭha nāmas te dharaṇī-dhara 
pralambāre nāmas te ‘stu trāhi maṁ kṛṣṇa-pūrvaja
Obeisances to You, O holder of the plow
Obeisances to You, O wielder of the club
Obeisances to You, O beloved of Revatī
Obeisances to You, O most affectionate to Your devotees
Obeisances to You, O upholder of the earth
Obeisances to You, O strength of the strong
Obeisances to You, O enemy of Pralamba
Please be merciful and protect me, O elder brother of Kṛṣṇa
Śrī Balarāmajī ki-jaya!
Balarāmajī subha-āvirbhāva tithi ki-jaya!

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A_Balaram protects the Vaisnavas & kills the hypocrites 21-08-94 Spain

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