Mahaprabhu and Peacock Feather Explained

(from The Embankment of Separation; Gopal Jiu Publications, reg. Netherlands)

Can you put a flute on Gaura? Although He is Krsna, you cannot put a flute on Gaura. Similarly, how can you put a peacock feather on He who is crying for Krsna, like Radharani? His mood will be disturbed.

Although He is Krsna, Gaura’s mood is different. Therefore Srila Prabhupada has said, “Don’t disturb the mood of Gaura.

It is very painful to Him. Our service is meant to give Him pleasure, not pain. We are servants and we must render service to please Him, not for our own pleasure. If we say, “O Gaura, a peacock feather is on Your head. You are Krsna,” then how can he cry? “Oh, I am Krsna? I cannot cry now.

But Mahaprabhu is crying, “Where is Krsna, kva nanda-kula-candramah? Kva sikhi-candra-kalankritih, where is Krsna on whose crest is a peacock feather? Where is that Krsna, indranilamani, whose complexion is blue like an indranila jewel? Rasa-rasatandavi, who dances in that rasa dance, where is that Krsna? O sakhi please tell Me where He is…”

So Mahaprabhu is always crying, rorudhya mana. He is Krsna Himself but feeling the pangs of separation from Krsna because He is in radha-bhava. Radha-bhava is predominating; that is vipralambha bhava.

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  1. gourgovindsevak g s senan November 1, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    On this subject of ignorantly compelling Mahaprabhu to wear peacock feathers, i submitted (on the most auspicious GAURA PURNIMA : 11-03-2009) an article subsequently published in the ‘Sampradaya Sun’ entitled “LET’S NOURISH GAURA’S HIDDEN FORM.”
    i was squarely pummeled by one Nandanandana das in his bewildered angry response (10-04-2009), completely misreading my sastra-pramana –evidences — from HDG Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s and HDG Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura’s books! Calling me an aparadhi, he accused me of saying the words actually written by the two Acaryas, thus foolishly branding those mahajanas as aparadhis!
    To save Nandanandand das from the bottomless bowels of hell for his greatest Vaisnava aparadhas, i followed up on 19-04-2009 with another article with more irrefutable sastra-pramanas, entitled “A SEQUEL TO LET’S NOURISH GAURA’S HIDDEN FORM.”
    N das was silenced — so i thought– but apparently feeling proud of his attack on me with his “researched, scholarly findings”, wIth no remorse, he went to the extent of posting only HIS article in YET ANOTHER website, without the courtesy of including my articles, thus misleading readers into continuing the ISKCON-wide unwise practice of ruining Mahaprabhu’s vipralambha mood.
    I’m submitting these comments for the benefit of those who are still not convinced about the folly of thrusting peacock feathers on Gauranga. I urge them to please read the articles mentioned above in the ‘Sampradaya Sun’ and decide what’s best for our Tattva-vicara based, as against the more ill-practised Apara-vicara based, spiritual life.
    .What we can do is to just ignore the juvenile mentality of so-called “sarva-jna-devotees” and faithfully observe the standards of proper worship of Mahaprabhu set by all previous acaryas, including our param-guru Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Mahasaya. JAYA SRILA GURUDEVA!
    gourgovindsevak g s senan

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