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The reason we use the name [highlight]Tattva-vicara Publications[/highlight], is because Gurudeva, His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami would always talk on this subject and stress on tattva-vicara. Hence we chose the name. Tattva-vicara was Gurudeva’s first point to us when we met him, he spoke to us on this topic and at that time no one was printing Gurudeva’s words.

Gurudeva spent his whole life preaching the “Absolute consideration” — tattva-vicara and uncompromisingly spoke out against apara-vicara — the apparent consideration. In his own [unedited] words His Divine Grace said: “…I am stressing on tattva, in all my lectures I stress on it — tattva-vicara. Do you know the real tattva? You are all after this apparent consideration — not tattva-vicara — that mistake is there. You do not know who you are, who is Krishna, who is guru, who is a sadhu, what is the relationship, like this — tattvas — you do not know….

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Nimai Pandit dasa: I had noticed some lectures that Gurudeva gave on the holy name, which seemed to flow nicely and would fit together in a book. One day, after doing the correspondence with Gurudeva, I discussed these lectures with him and told him that I would like to print them in a book. Gurudeva agreed and gave his blessings to print these lectures in a book (Suddha-nama Bhajan). I paid my obeisances and when I was about to leave Gurudeva called me back (which he had never done in all the time I had been his secretary) and he said, “Nimai.”

I said, “Yes, Gurudeva.

Gurudeva said, “Nimai, print everything that I have ever spoken.”

I answered, “Yes, Gurudeva.” and left the room totally bewildered. The books were already being printed by Raghava Pandit dasa, who was doing an excellent job and was the founder of Gopal Jiu Publications. So I was bewildered and I was wondering ‘how am I going to do this?’ I did not even have a computer at that time. When I first arrived in Bhubaneswar I had an old typewriter, which I had used to help Gurudeva with the small booklets ‘Guru Tattva’ and ‘Nama Aparadha and Jiva Tattva’. I also typed out the booklet with the songs and verses that Gurudeva used to sing before giving class.

I had also developed the desire to print Gurudeva’s life story from the minute I met him. I was totally blown away with his personality and began to interview many of his relatives, friends and devotees in Orissa. The facilities of recording equipment and computers weren’t as advanced back then, as they are these days.

We have been struggling in our attempts ever since, but by Gurudeva’s mercy we have been publishing books since 1996 under the name [highlight]Tattva-vicara Publications[/highlight].

That is how we started and, only by his mercy, we are still publishing.